Cut the end off the pointed end of the clove, wet the plate lightly and then rub over the ceramic teeth. The skin will peel back releasing perfectly puréed garlic into the plate. Brush the garlic purée into your recipe. Alternatively, leave the garlic in the plate and add oil and vinegar for a delicious dipping sauce.

Nuts & Hard Spices

Freshly ground hard seeds like nutmeg are much more flavourful and cost-effective than pre-ground. The grater plate makes adding small amounts of spice effortless. Using a dry grater plate, just rub the spice over the ceramic teeth until you reach the quantity desired. Brush or tap your spices into your dish

Cheese & Chocolate

For best results, make sure your chocolate or cheese has been well refrigerated before use.

Hold the plate vertically and grate over the ceramic teeth directly into your dish or a bowl.

Ginger/Chilli/Fruit Zest

Wet the plate lightly before use. This allows the spice to move faster across the plate. Rub the spice in any direction across the ceramic teeth until you reach the desired quantity. Use your brush to gather the spice into our dish.


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